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Security & Surveillance

Good data security begins with good physical security. A well designed, monitored, secure computer room is an essential first step in protecting the machines, networking, and telecommunications equipment that are the backbone of the network.

As the number of high profile data security breaches continues to grow, securing access to corporate data has become a major focus of IT consulting. Since data networks are far more easily compromised from the private side then from the public side, deployment of wireless technology and remote access present special challenges to securing IT resources, and preventing the theft of company information and data.

With clients in the legal, finance, healthcare, and construction industries, Pro-Tek knows how to design, install, and maintain secure computer rooms, video camera and surveillance, and access control systems. On the data side, Pro-Tek has designed, installed and maintains network firewalls, internet content filtering, remote access, and email encryption systems for its customers, including audit and monitoring services.

As with all our products and services, Pro-Tek has partnered with the industry’s leading manufacturers to provide turnkey security solutions that really work:

Cisco, Sonicwall, Barracuda Networks, PGP, and Speco Technology.

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